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Complicated dental procedures are often stressful on patients, especially those who haven't seen a dentist in a while. Whether you come to Stone Barn Dentistry for dental crowns or dentures, you'll receive exceptional personal care from our staff. You'll love the results of our treatment.

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What kind of procedures can Stone Barn Dentistry do?

What kind of procedures can Stone Barn Dentistry do?

You can trust our team for a range of dental treatments. We can handle:

  • Dentures - Replace loose or lost teeth
  • Dental crowns - Cover teeth that are likely to break
  • Root canals - Treat infected pulp from cavities
  • Bridges - Fill the space left by missing teeth
  • TMJ treatments - Can include replacing teeth and adjusting the bite

You can rely on us to perform all of our work precisely, so you can be comfortable during your procedure. Call us today for any questions about our services.