Stone Barn Dentistry Policies

Stone Barn Dentistry has been delivering healthy smiles at affordable rates to patients throughout the Rochester area for more than 40 years. It is our belief that pairing excellent clinical care with convenient payment options is essential to providing a complete experience.

Payment is required in full on the same day treatment is provided. We offer the following options to help support and assist our patients:

  • Same Day of Service Discount - Receive a 5% discount on payments made in full by personal check or cash on the same day services are rendered.
  • Insurance - Stone Barn Dentistry is out of network with all insurance companies; however we are happy to assist you in filing your dental claims. Your insurance provider will then send reimbursement to you, the subscriber, when applicable. Your insurance policy is a pre- determined arrangement between your employer and the insurance company, we are not a party to that contract. Any services rendered in our office are ultimately the financial responsibility of the patient that receives treatment.
  • Financing Available - Get the care you deserve with convenient and secure financing options through iCreditWorks. Consult our administrative team for more information and click the link below.

Treatment Plan

Estimates on treatment plans are guaranteed for 30 days from date of treatment diagnosis.

Stone Barn Dentistry is an out of network provider and we do not render services based on what insurance companies will reimburse. Since we cannot guarantee what insurance coverage will benefit services, it is ultimately the responsibility of the patient or guardian for payment in full. Treatment plans are estimates only and your insurance coverage may be different if your deductible has not been met, annual maximum has been met, or if your coverage table is lower than average.

We will be happy to file a pre-treatment estimate with your insurance carrier that will tell you how much they will reimburse you for your treatment prior to service. We will try to answer questions you might have about your coverage, and as a courtesy we will file the claims for you.

Appointment Missed or Cancellation Policy

At Stone Barn Dentistry, we are committed to quality and prompt care for all our patients. For this reason, we require patients to give a 48-hour notice for any appointment cancellation or reschedule to allow us time to contact other patients waiting to schedule. If no notice is given, there may be a minimum charge of $99 for this appointment. We do realize that emergencies can happen and we reserve the right to enforce this policy on a case-by-case basis for our patients.