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Rely on our teeth whitening procedure in Rochester, MN

If you want an easy and safe teeth whitening procedure, you need to speak with a knowledgeable local dentist. The dental care team at Stone Barn Dentistry has just what you need. We use gel trays that you can use in your own home. Our teeth whitening options are effective and work quickly, so you'll see results in no time.

Schedule a teeth whitening procedureĀ in Rochester, MN today so we can determine which is the best option for you.

What are our teeth whitening options?

What are our teeth whitening options?

We use two main methods for teeth whitening. Depending on your needs, we'll recommend:

  • Opalescence! This method involves custom wearable trays based on dental impressions. This is recommended for badly stained teeth.
  • Opalescence Go This method involves basic wearable trays. This is recommended as a standard teeth whitening solution.

You'll notice a much brighter smile after your teeth whitening procedure. You can trust that we use only high-quality products. Call us today at 507-288-2539 to speak with someone on our staff about our teeth whitening procedures.